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Q: Why does it seem like you’re always sold out?

FreshBite has a contract with Frontier Behavioral Health that allows us to supply our food service to clientele in their various programs. Since the contract is quite large, it minimizes the amount of orders that we can facilitate for online customers.

Q: I really want to order. How can I get an order in?

We try to be as clear as possible, when it comes to when our “ordering window” will be reopened for online orders. We understand that it can be quite frustrating, but we encourage you to pay attention to the banner on our homepage. When we know for certain, the day and time of that “ordering window” will be posted in that banner.

Depending on how many customers are poised and ready to hit that window, the ordering capabilities have been known to be open for as long as 4 hours, to as little as 40 minutes!  Depending on the month, there may very well be only one time that that ordering window is open.

Q: Once I place an order, what can I expect?

Once an order is received, you will receive an email confirmation. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for me right away, depending on my order load at the moment. Once I put your order “in queue” for my next assembly, I will email you an invoice with a PayPal link for online payment.

You can also pay with cash/check at pickup, or delivery. I am then in contact with you by email, or text, on completion details. Usually, orders that are chosen to be picked up are turned around faster than orders that have to be delivered.  We are located 4 blocks SW of the Monroe/Francis intersection.  Please bear in mind that orders can be up to 7-10 days for turnaround.

Q: How does your monthly menu function?
We do not begin fulfilling orders from the new monthly menu on the exact 1st of any given month. Often, we continue filling orders from the previous month into the first week of the next month.

Once orders are complete, we need a few days to “reset” our kitchen for the new, monthly menu. Every month operates a little bit different than the previous month, especially around holidays, summer months, and my family plans.

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