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After 12 years of service at Providence Sacred Heart as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Sam resigned in 2008 after purchasing a franchised, preassembled dinner business called “Cena.” Sam’s wife Kim remains at Providence Sacred Heart as a Surgical Technologist, and is in her 20+ years of service. Together, they have daughters Olivia and Madison who love boating, summer vacations, and competitive dance. As a family, we are honored for you to allow our food to grace your dinner table.

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Three years ago, FreshBite/Cena to Go was a short term solution to a temporary situation. The directions were easy to follow and the quality and taste of the food were consistently very good. We have continued to order and have no plans to stop. The seasonal menu is an interesting addition with a nice range of variety to the “tried and true” everyday menu. FreshBite has become a fantastic solution to make my life easier and our stomachs happy.
Elaine C.

Our family was given a feast of prepared meals as a gift. I loved the chicken stuffed with ham and cheese. It was in a ready to bake container which I just thawed and put in the oven. The chicken came out perfectly cooked and juicy per the time suggested on the card. It was succulent and had great flavor. I would re-order this one for sure. The steak was great and I cooked mine medium rare over buttered egg noodle pasta. The mac and cheese with ham was a nice light meal. The cheese had perfect taste and the directions were easy to follow. It most certainly was a very generous 2 serving meal. I have to admit I feel very spoiled with these already prepared meals and love that the clean up is very little and the prep is fairly quick if not instant. I have a very busy single mom of 2 who runs two businesses and having ready to go meals I can pull from the freezer to serve my girls makes for a very helpful evening so we can focus on each other. It’s also very fun to have my girls make the meals with me and go thru the instructions with them together. They feel a sense of pride ‘making’ their own meal.
Heather W.

I have used Freshbite (Cena) for many years. The convenience of these meals when you are working full time is a life saver. The meals are affordable, heart healthy, and satisfying.
10 Year Customer

I have been using FreshBite (formally “Cena”) meals for about 10 years. The convenience was great while I was working, and I have continued to use them even now that I’m retired! The preparation is easy, and the food is tasty!
Delaine B.

These guys do a great job. I had them bring by food about once a month and it saved me SO much time having to cook and clean. I literally just put the food into the oven and then in a few minutes I had a home cooked meal. The food was excellent and priced well too. The owner is great, he coordinated pickup with me and made sure everything went smoothly. If you are tired of cooking and want a great home cooked meal with little or no effort/clean up – call these guys.
Aaron K.


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FreshBite provides scratch, oven-ready meals for local Spokane families, singles, the elderly, and many more. Aside from our private customers, we are also contracted with a local, government agency and are referred to by various medical entities in the Spokane area. If you would like more information on how FreshBite’s meal service can help your business or agency, please contact us and we will be happy to talk with you.

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